Fierce Fun and Games

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - By: Tara B, Allard ‘17

With Whittall-Alex holding the crown in this year’s annual Brentwood Interhouse Competition, the rest of the houses have to conquer the remaining activities to steal first place. We have to make an effort and do our absolute best to reach the very top.

Every house has a unique mascot and color to wear to every event. People arrive wearing horns for Alex-Whittall House draped in red attire, some of Hope-Privett Houses have embroidered blankets with their house name written across it but not all houses are fortunate enough to wear clothes that are easy to accessorize. Allard and Rogers come dripping in orange clothing that one would not be caught dead wearing anywhere else.

Throughout the crazy-busy lives of our Brentwood careers, we still know how to have some fun. Interhouse games and events are a great way for us to connect with other houses and show our competitive side. At the very beginning of the year, during orientation, the students attend a night of thrilling, hilarious activities that we like to call Fun and Games.

This year’s Fun and Games was a huge hit. Everyone gathered together in the gym and took part in games such as Simon Says and Huckle Buckle while their housemates can be seen on the sidelines, cheering them on. We take pride in this night and you can see the Allard girls are overjoyed to be supporting their friends and soon-to-be classmates. As the evening nears an end, everyone returns to their houses and has bonding time with their housemates.

Many more events take place throughout the course of the year such as Eco-challenge which involves many outdoor tasks, track and field, field hockey, and soccer. There are eight boarding houses on campus and every girls’ house get a brother house to team up with and they acts as one team. What comes of these activities, you ask? A huge plaque with your houses’ names on it! But to reach that point, we have to keep track of every activity and gain points for every event but you have to win if you want to get enough points to put your team in the lead.

There are so many incredible things to do at this amazing school and interhouse is just one of many more.

Tara B, Allard ‘17

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