Field Hockey in Development

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - By: Hala M, Hope 19; Photo by Jim Ganley

This year Brentwood’s Development Field Hockey team consists of energized and eager Grade 10s, 11s and one Grade 12. We practice on the Cowichan turf and at the school. So far, the Dev Red team has enjoyed two games: we tied the first and lost the second, but that loss isn’t going to stop us from continuing to play to our full potential. 

With team Captain Natalie B and coaches Mrs Warner and Fuzzy, the team is strong consistently working to our full potential in each practice, aiming to get better each time. Teammate Aranza S commented after our last practice “I’m so surprised. I can’t believe how much we’ve improved already since our first practice.” So far the weather for practises has been wonderful: it has been consistently sunny or a bit of overcast. 

During the practices we play games that test our speed, strength, and ability to control and pass the ball around. We are enjoying an eventful and hard-working 2017 Development Field Hockey team.

Hala M, Hope 19

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