Feminism 101

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - By: Jim Ganley; Photo by Seo Young R, Alex '17

Whether we choose to name it Feminism, Gender Equality, Womanism or Equalism, the search for the equality of all people is an as-yet unattained goal. To help examine the challenges presented in overcoming gender inequality, one elective available to Grade 10 English students in May was Gender Equality 101.

Enriched by a carousel of enthusiastic guest speakers including Grade 10s Ian G & Maya J; Grade 12 Nigerians Chelsea A & Imisi A; Master’s thesis writer and RFA Ms Sarah Wolinsky; Brentwood Grad and TEDx speaker Ms Caitlin Wardrop Mackenzie ‘16, physician, houseparent and parent Dr. Maraina Smith; and activist, artist, grandmother, and former Director in BC’s Ministry of Women's Equality, Terrill Welch, we spent most the month May discussing and researching how women and men can, for their mutual benefit, become more equal.

The students, who brought a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the elective, spoke of their experiences at Brentwood and around the world including living in Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Rwanda, Nigeria & Kazakhstan.

Jim Ganley

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