Farewell Fitzy

Friday, December 11, 2015 - By: Mr. Liam Sullivan, Ellis Houseparent

One year ago I spoke to the school about the great opportunity that was being presented to Mr. Wismer and his family, a year of professional and personal development at a boarding school on the other side of the world: Geelong Grammar, Australia, I had no idea at the time just what an incredible opportunity I was being given.

It seems like yesterday that we welcomed the Fitzgeralds into Ellis House, and now it is time to say goodbye. Fiona, Dibs, Jemima and Chloe did not simply accompany Shem on his year away, they were a huge part of our campus community for the and will be missed by all who were lucky enough to get to know them. Fiona’s baked goods will be missed…..especially by my daughter Abby.

From day one last January, Mr. Fitzgerald has been a huge hit in Ellis House. His jokes, his accent, and his fun-loving nature have made him an endearing figure and for some of our boys, he is the only Assistant Houseparent that they have known.

I have got to know Mr. Fitzgerald very well over the last year. I will miss his counsel, I will miss his long list of Netflix and youtube videos that he sends me links to, but most of all I will miss his friendship.

When I said goodbye to Mr. Wismer, I was comforted by the fact that I knew he would be coming back in a year. In this case, I have no such comfort…I am not sure when I will see Fitzy again.  But I do know that I have gained a true friend, indeed, in Aussie slang, I have gained a “Mate” and I think I speak for the entire Brentwood faculty in wishing him all the best back at Geelong Grammar; he will be back at his home, but most certainly not forgotten by Brentwood.

Mr. Liam Sullivan, Ellis Houseparent

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