Fall Athletic Awards

Sunday, February 07, 2021 - By: Mr Blake Gage, Director of Athletics

It is my pleasure to be presenting the Term 1 competitive team awards. It has definitely been an unusual start to the year with our teams not in action with other schools. Nonetheless, despite the lack of competition, we have some very deserving winners as their service and leadership has probably been more critical than ever. I would ask that when your name is called to please make your way to the stage for a handshake with Mr Patel.

Field Hockey

The Martin Award for the junior athlete who best exemplifies sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership and a love for the game: Samantha D. Sam’s coaches say that she is a talented field hockey player but it is her love for the game and commitment to teammates that set her apart for this award.

Hall Mackenzie Award for Service and Contribution to Field Hockey: Solveig C & Adrienne R. Solveig brought fun and positive energy to each practise and it was infectious. Adrienne always looked for ways to give back. When she could participate, she gave 100%; when she couldn’t, she did whatever she could to help the program and her teammates

Grimes Award: for Inspirational Leadership both on and off the field: Megan K and Olivia B. Olivia’s coaches say that without fail, she always brought her A game to the field. As a goalkeeper, she made others better by making it almost impossible for them to score. When they did, she was the first to applaud, but would then focus on the next shot.

Megan quite simply led by example each and every every practise. She worked on perfecting her skills and learning new ones. She expected more from herself and brought out the best in her teammates. Congratulations to all of our winners and to all the girls in our Field Hockey program this term.

Grade 9 Boys Rugby

Dale Bannerman Award: for the Grade 9 Player of the Year: Norbert M. Norbert’s coaches say he could score at will, and make something out of nothing. Coach Branchflower says Norbert is “scary fast”. Coach Thompson says he could still beat Norbert in a race. Mr Gage says, he would like to see that. Well done Norbert and congrats to all our Grade 9 boys - we can’t wait to see you all in action.

Boys Soccer

Stephen Spragge Memorial Award for Inspirational Leadership: Jack NG & Erik L. These two boys have been involved in the soccer program at Brentwood a combined 9 years - Erik since Gr 9 and Jack since Gr 8. Mr Barrett says can both "Ping!" great free kicks and corner kicks which have led to many goals over their years, but more importantly they share the desire to not only get better themselves as soccer players, but they put the team and the program ahead of their own personal needs and are always willing to do what is best for the long-term growth of everyone around them. Congrats to Erik and Jack and the rest of the soccer teams. It was a joy to watch you guys battling in practice each day.

Junior Volleyball

Most Inspiring Player Award –Chloe H. Congrats to Chloe and all our Junior volleyball players on their hard work this season.

Senior Volleyball

Barbara Stone Cup: for Outstanding Service to Volleyball: Bonnie Z & Maria TC. Bonnie has been with our program since her arrival in Gr 9. She has worked hard at her game and her commitment and loyalty to our program has been commendable. Maria has also been part of our program since her arrival in Grade 9. Her work ethic and determination have been inspirational to both teammates and coaches alike. Well done Bonnie and Maria.

Elizabeth Cosulich Award for Inspirational Leadership both on and off the court: Abby S & Chloe C. Chloe has been with our program for three years and helped captain this year’s varsity team through a tumultuous but highly successful “season”. Her never-give-up attitude and helpful on and off court presence was inspirational. Abby has been with our program since Grade 8 - five years. She has confidently guided this year’s group with a resilient attitude and was able to put a positive spin on every session. She was a natural leader for the entire program. I have to say, it was a privilege to watch our Senior Girls compete against each other; their improvement in just a few short months was remarkable, and when I think back to where they were in Grade 9, it is even more astonishing. A big congratulations to the girls in all of our volleyball programs for their hard work this term.

That concludes our Term 1 awards. In some respects, It has been an extremely frustrating time, especially for these competitive teams as I know that they were all poised to have outstanding seasons. But it has also been a time that has revealed a great deal of character and I feel like our coaches, and especially the students in all our programs, have stepped up like never before. Thank you Brentwood for a great first term of sport.

Mr Blake Gage, Director of Athletics

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