Faculty Focus Groups - Not Just a Day Off School

Tuesday, December 07, 2021 - By: Owen S, Whittall ‘22; Photo by Donald V, Ellis '23

The Faculty Focus Groups Saturday of last month featured many alumni on campus which allowed for a much more personal feel. Due to many presentations being held on Zoom last year, it was more challenging to connect with the presenter and vice-versa, as they were being viewed through a screen, which can also result in technical difficulties. And although I enjoyed last year's event, and I believe it was a success, I thought that this year was a better experience overall.

With young Brentwood alumni from all over the world and a variety of different work experiences, it was incredibly informative to learn how many different paths to success are available. Ranging from Law studies with Katharine Curry and Dylan Glazier, to Health Sciences and Medicine with Youngeun Lee, Brianne Pavlis, Darcy Smith, and Antara Patel, and Sciences and Engineering with Chidinma Ayadiuno, Alexandra Kearney, Afyz Mohamedali, Hannah Richards, Vanessa Van Decker, and Breno Chan. Also we heard about Business and Hospitality with Aetheline Chua, Mohit Dhir, Eva Borsdorf, and Dane Broere. Finally, in the Social Studies and Fine Arts sector Kimberly Gilson, Sidney  Hamilton, Calvin Simpson, Katherine Buckley, Sarah Ford and Arthur Ray Lin dropped in and shared. These Brentwood Alumni took valuable time out of their busy schedules to travel to campus and share their experiences beyond Brentwood.

I conversed with Privett’s, Lucas O, following his Session 2 with Sarah Ford and Arthur Ray Lin. They shared how their post-secondary endeavors were made up of the Fine Arts, and Lucas expressed his gratitude and appreciation for our guests: “Going into today I was unsure of my future plans, but my understanding strengthened and fear for the future diminished, as I was able to solidify my plans, thanks to our presenters.”

Faculty Focus Groups were also a great chance to take a look into the future and see what it may look like to take on a certain career or opportunity - to see if it seems like a good fit. And it can even be very helpful to picture yourself in someone else's shoes. This event has made some students very excited for their post-secondary plans. Take Will P, Whittall ‘22, for example, who has used this day as an “outlook on what I may look like in the future”. He is “excited for what's to come.”

Ultimately, Faculty Focus Groups at Brentwood are a great way to take a look into future opportunities, and ease any nerves or negative emotions involving any impending decisions.

Owen S, Whittall ‘22

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