EXtenDays: Grade 10 Adventures!

Saturday, May 22, 2021 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

The theme of Grade 10 at Brentwood is ‘exploration’ and many things are built into the curriculum to fulfill that. In a pre-pandemic world, the Brentwood Grade 10s would have gone to Camp Qwanoes together as a bonding experience; however, since Covid has made that impossible, Mr Dan Norman, Brentwood math teacher and coach of Outdoor Pursuits, organized alternate outdoor explorations for this year’s Grade 10s. We call them EXtenDAYS.

The EXtenDAYS are a series of outdoor adventure activities that took place on May 3rd and 4th. Some were for half a day, and some were full-day activities. The diverse set of activities available included hiking, rafting, Wildplay activities, rock climbing, advanced and beginner photography workshops, mountain biking, fly fishing, disk golf, stand-up paddleboarding, horseback riding, and outdoor yoga. There really was an option for whatever outdoor pursuit you wished to embark on!

EXtenDAYS were an excellent time for students to step out of their comfort zones, get to know different people, figure out what their interests and passions are, and learn new things. “I had a lot of fun and hung out with many people I had never talked with before!” commented Skye P, Alex ‘23. Here at Brentwood, we value this kind of opportunity and enjoy the change in activity outside of the regular routine. Especially during a global pandemic, incorporating new, fun, and safe activities into our lives is vital to maintain good mental and physical health.

“It felt like an escape from the stress of our world. It gave us an excuse to just be kids and it was amazing to get outside to do activities we wouldn’t normally do. I’m super thankful for the experience!” said Heather L, Mackenzie ‘23.

The Grade 10s had lots of fun over the two EXtenDAYS exploring new things! Thanks to Mr Norman and his team for creating these opportunities.

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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