Exams in the Headlights

Thursday, May 23, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

Once again, it is that time of the year when Brentwood students prepare vigorously for exams (Advanced Placement and otherwise) as they focus on recollecting knowledge from the past. 

I took the AP Biology exam last week, and as I reflect upon my two year journey of endlessly memorizing various facts about signal transduction pathways, and pulled all nighters to study for tests, I won’t forget the efforts made by my teachers who, throughout the journey, helped me comprehend this challenging topic. 

After hours of studying for our AP exams, students have finally reached a state of tranquility, or have they? With the end of APs, the one month countdown for final exams has officially begun. Students will have to study and revisit subject content dating back to September including past tests, assignments and projects. This means that if you are in Mr Snow’s AP Chemistry 11 class, you have to memorize all possible atomic theory questions - and don't forget to answer in significant figures. 

In the following weeks, many Brentonions will shift their focus towards their academic endeavours - maybe not if you are in senior girls rugby, senior girls rugby or track and field who have provincials, the rowers who have CSSRA, or the performing artists who have Concert For A Summer’s Eve. Anthony B, Rogers ‘20 stated, “Along with studying for my final exams, I have to meet my rowing requirements and my various art requirements.”

The best way to study for the final exam is to begin now. This will ensure that you have ample time to revisit past content and prevent cramming. Teachers at Brentwood are available at tutorial and other times to assist students with content. 

With the exam approaching in a three weeks, my best advice is to use prep time to study for the final exam and starting day by day to ensure success in the end result. Lastly, I wish all students good luck on their AP exam scores and upcoming final assessments.

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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