Exam Week is Not for the Weak!

Sunday, June 16, 2019 - By: Hannah C, Alex ‘19

Exam have begun. All classes have wrapped up. It has been a busy term and will only continue to get busier as the year comes to a close. 

Color-organized exam schedules line the walls of most students’ rooms with strict study deadlines and houses become significantly quieter. Some students will be picking up extra tutoring sessions, attending extra chemistry help and/or completing extra review as exam week proceeds. 

While this time of the year is stressful for a lot of students, it is also one of the more exciting times of year; the weather has been amazing for swimming as well as lounging on the field. Such breaks in the day are crucial to remaining sane during this mind-boggling time. 

Boarders will begin packing today and will continue in stages until Closing ceremonies. A year full of hard work from both students and teachers will be strongly reflected by each and every exam. 

As a Grade 12 student, exam season is a bit nerve racking as all of us graduating have academic conditions that need to be maintained. The grade 11s will also be securing their marks for the year which will be reviewed by some universities next year. The Grade 10s will be putting good study habits and exam practices into place as they prepare for the years to come. Finally, the Grade 9s will be experiencing their first set of Brentwood exams. We are sad to see the year end, especially for those who won’t be returning in September, but we also cannot wait to celebrate all of the hard work and effort that went into making this year one of the best yet! 

Hannah C, Alex ‘19

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