Exam Avalanche!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 -

If you haven’t heard from your son or daughter in the last few days, or if you’ve been hearing from him or her way more than usual, there is a logical explanation: December exams. That’s right, Brentwood’s 434 students are chest deep in notes, textbooks, silent prep and study groups. With five exams in the past six days, they’re on a rigorous cycle of study, sleep, write, relax, prepare, study, sleep, write, relax, prepare, study…

At high noon on Wednesday, the faculty will host the students at the annual Christmas Luncheon in Crooks Hall: this will celebrate the official end to exam week. Wednesday afternoon will be busy with a top-to-bottom house cleaning that would make a mother cry with joy. Then, after House dinners, secret Santas, house entertainment and one short sleep passed, students will travel home for the holidays.

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