Everything is Debatable

Monday, October 30, 2017 - By: Jessica W, Allard ‘20

Early last Saturday morning, way before most Brentwood students would normally be stirring, 20 members of the Brentwood debate team boarded the school bus for the first debate tournament of the season. We were headed for the University of Victoria. This was a tournament specifically geared toward those debaters who have little or no experience at debate. It served as a good introduction for the beginners to give them firsthand experience within the competitive debate environment. 

Once we arrived at the UVIC campus, we eagerly awaited the challenges that were to come. Three categories of experience levels were created - novice, junior and senior. This allowed the debate organizers to better match opponents with appropriate team members, particularly for the younger, less experienced competitors. The first half on the morning was filled with seminars and debates that we had been preparing for over the past two weeks. The resolutions varied from “Should Confederate monuments be removed” to “Should sports players be allowed to ‘take the knee’ during the playing of the national anthem.” 

Fueled by a hearty lunch of pizza, we moved on to the second half of the tournament which  included a few more seminars and two impromptu debates. During the impromptu debates, all of the participating schools were given only 20 minutes to prepare their arguments and come up with points to win them the debate.

Once the debates were completed and scores had been tallied, it was time for the awards.  Brentwood obtained many medals within the Best Speaker and Best Team categories. Here are the results, 

Junior Teams: Senior Teams: 

3rd place: Sean R & Michael W 2nd place: Sunil C & Jacob B 

2nd place: Rohin A & Amelia H 1st place: Hannah V & Lulu J 

1st place: David L & Callum M

Junior Speakers: Senior Speakers: 

3rd place: Michael W 3rd place: Kieran N 

2nd place: Jessica W 2nd place: Hannah V 

1st place: Amelia H 

Lastly, congratulations to all the competitors and a huge bouquet of thanks to all the teachers, staff and volunteers that were involved to make this event happen. Everyone now waits eagerly to find out when their next chance to debate will be. 

Jessica W, Allard ‘20

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