Every Day is Game Day - AP with a Tandem of Collises

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - By: Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

AP Language and Composition. When Brentwood students hear these words they think of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Paul Collis. However, this year a young frisbee golf enthusiast also dipped his toes into the AP world. Back in September, Mr Collis Handford, known as TCH to most, took 25 naive Grade 11s under his wing and on May 10th, after months of hard work and dedication, TCH led his group of scholars to take the daunting AP Language and Composition exam.
At the beginning of the school year, TCH asked his students to “Think with [their] AP brains”. Now, about 8 months later, “We celebrate our AP brains”. From the moment his students sat down on the first day of classes, TCH began preparing us for our May exam. The assessment would include 45 multiple choice questions along with three essays: the synthesis essay, the style essay and the argument essay.
Back in September, the AP exam surely seemed like a daunting task, but TCH worked tirelessly to ensure that every student was prepared by the end of October. With fun, competitive classroom activities, Mr Collis Handford instilled an “Everyday is game day” environment in his class. Inspired by Formula 1, students would team up and compete in the “AP Grand Prix” which consisted of a section of multiple choice practice. After each ‘race’ there would be trades made to other teams, points added, and new teams taking the lead. When it came down to the last couple of classes before the exams, students would show up and be surprised with one of the three essays that would be on their exam, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with their twists, turns, pit stops, and tight corners.
As a class, we’ve come a long way from our first poem, “Sticks”. We’ve journeyed down the long road of Melhuish and Macbeth, whilst learning how to write a synth essay and understanding the concept of foreboding. Finally, on May 10th at 7:30am, 75 anxious students met the Collis tandem in A251, to receive our pregame pep talk. This was the championship game. “Go hard!” exclaimed Mr Collis Sr as students headed into the exam room.
A huge thank you to TCH (and PC) for providing us with the skills and confidence to tackle the exam, and big congratulations to all the AP English students that completed their exam!
Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

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