EU Through Uvic

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - By: Oliver B, Whittall ‘18; Photo by Sarah Hall

In early December, Mr. Wismer’s 12AP Comparative Government and Politics class and Ms. Hall’s Grade 10 Global Studies class journeyed to the Victoria to the European Union Centre for Excellence at UVic to participate in a workshop centred around the European Union and the mass movement of asylum seekers into Europe. 

The day started with an address by a professor from the European Studies Department who outlined the history, governmental structure of the European Union, and the complications related to the burgeoning migrant crisis in Europe. A speaker then came from a local refugee resettlement charity to discuss the complications of the burgeoning migrant crisis in Canada, and specifically in Victoria. 

To cement the students’ learning, we were put through a refugee simulation and conducted and presented group research projects facilitated by UVic students from within the European Studies faculty. By the end of the day, the students had a much deeper understanding of the European Union and how the migration issue is shaping political discourse in Europe and around the world.

Oliver B, Whittall ‘18

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