EPIC Soccer Win Against Bays United

Friday, May 12, 2017 - By: Julius C, Whittall ‘19

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It doesn’t matter from which part in the world you are from, you probably have played some soccer.

Brentwood has many international students and therefore it runs three terms of soccer. But there isn’t only an opportunity for Brentwood students to play soccer on campus, they can also play in The Epic Soccer Program run by Mr. Barrett on the Braefoot Turf in Victoria. 

This past Sunday the Epic Soccer Program played against Bays United on the Turf at Oak Bay High School. The Epic team won 5:2 with a great performance. The victors included six players from Brentwood: Caden K, Whittall ‘19, Alejandro B, Whittall ‘20, Julius C, Whittall ‘19, Nick P, Whittall ‘18, John E, Rogers ‘18 and Stephen I, Privett ‘18. These boys are from Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, the U.S.A. and Nigeria!

We started into the game with an early goal by our teammate David. After a while our opponents would strike back with a goal and tie the game. The visitors didn’t have to wait long for another goal, because David scored right after the Victoria club tied the game and brought us back in the lead.

The Bays now wanted the tie, but opened up their defense too much and so David could score once again and complete his hat trick. We were leading 3:1 when our teammate Jaden, a fresh legs substitution, scored another goal and brought Epic into a 4:1 lead.

There was no time for the opponent’s coach to relax, because Caden scored another goal at the end of the first half: a decisive 5:1.

In the second half both teams didn’t play as offensively and the game became much more technical and tactical. Bays scored a nice header after a good cross. The game ended shortly after that with the win of Epic. For more on the EPIC program, please see www.epicsport.ca

Julius C, Whittall ‘19

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