Environmental Sciences 12AP

Monday, December 10, 2018 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19

“When we appreciate our surroundings, we become more invested in preserving and enhancing them for ourselves and for the future.” - Mr. David McCarthy 

In the midst of its second year running, Mr. McCarthy’s AP Environmental Science 12 class extends our learning far beyond the classroom. Taking advantage of the school’s ideal location on the island, we are able to explore many different environments all within the time period of the class. 

My class has been able to explore on-campus environments such as the beach, the creek and the school’s garden facilities, while also taking field trips to places on the island such as the Shawnigan Lake Watershed, Somenos Marsh, Cowichan Estuary Nature House, and the Bamfield Marine Research Centre. It is in these environments that we students are able to learn valuable lessons through firsthand experience. 

While the course covers areas from earth systems to the living world, population, and land and water use, the ultimate goal Mr. McCarthy holds for his students would be “for them to be more aware of and interested in the way our society is not in harmony with the environment. For them to think of our responsibility towards nature not just for ourselves, but for the future.”

As the world’s global environment continues to change, more students are becoming conscious of the environment and look towards subjects such as AP Environmental Sciences. Bronte G states “I’m very passionate about climate awareness so I thought this class would be a good platform for me to better understand the how and why behind our generation’s critical questions of how to protect the environment.” 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this class, and will forever remember that it’s not “All mandatory” (Chantal P), but that it’s “All connected” (McCarthy). 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19 

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