English 12 Provincial Exam

Sunday, January 28, 2018 - By: Emma H, Allard ‘18; Photo by Bud Patel

“A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast will help prepare you for the exam. Stay relaxed!” said Mrs Coy to her nervous Grade 12 students the day before the big exam. Thursday January 25th was just another typical day for many, but for Grade 12 English students all around the province of BC it was a day that helped determine their fate for university next year. 

The big exam started at 8:15am in the Exam Centre and, for extra timers, the tranquility of the pottery studio. Many students went for a short walk before the exam to relax their mind and get the blood moving to help wake up. After a good hearty breakfast, 160 Grade 12 students sat down with their laptops, charging chord,s and wits. With a minimum time of two and a maximum of three hours the exam was over and done with in a flash. “After all that studying and stressing I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!” said Emma S, Allard ‘18.

Brentwood, fortunately, prepares the Grade 12 students well in advance of the January exam. An even better part of being prepared is that if this exam doesn’t go well we have another chance in late April. 

The Grade 12s will now hover over the BC ministry website to see their mark and determine if the studying and stressing needs to commence again for April.

Emma H, Allard ‘18

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