Ellis House

Monday, September 07, 2020 - By: Quinn Poseley, Head Of Ellis House ‘20

As the year comes to a close & I begin to reflect on all that has happened over the past school year, I have come to realize how truly fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a fine group of boys. It feels as if it was only weeks ago that a sea of new faces flooded Ellis House & the year began. We welcomed the new boys with house soccer & Mackenzie speed dating, as well as a proper Ellis showing at Fun & Games. Of course, we can’t forget our success in Eco-Challenge, foreshadowing our interhouse dominance throughout the coming year.

In no time, strangers became friends & the house grew closer. The Grade 9 hallway was always in some kind of turmoil, which easily made it one of my favorite places to be. Every night the 9s pushed bedtime as close to 9:45 as possible as they are always full of energy & smiles. When it comes to the 10s, I can always count on them for a laugh & good conversation. Seldom do I walk their hallway without hearing one of the 10s roasting their buddy with a chuckle. We also have the 11s. Although each is quite different, they are all great men & I trust they will be fantastic leaders in the coming year.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the excellent Ellis duty staff. Thank you Mr Cowie for your hilarious jokes & mustache which hasn’t aged since 1970. Thank you Mr Skardal for going above & beyond with every boy: we are grateful. Thank you Ms Simon for always keeping rowdy Ellis boys on task. Thank you Mr Luna for your calming demeanor & wealth of wisdom. Thank you Mr Rodrigues for being the coolest & kindest RFA I have ever known. Finally, thank you Mr Wismer & Mr Barrett for treating the Ellis boys as if we were your own children.  

I’ll miss our Saturday night BBQs, perfect laundries, Big Bros, Christmas Dinners, & interhouse victories (4peat). Although the Grade 12s may not have had the ending we were hoping for, I am so incredibly thankful for my three years here. Thanks for everything boys. Ellis House, best house.   

Quinn Poseley, Head Of Ellis House ‘20

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