Ellis House

Monday, July 09, 2018 - By: Mark Wheaton, House Captain; Photo by Paul Fletcher

Although only a short time has passed, our Ellis boys, alongside our houseparents and duty staff, have grown from a group of strangers into a family. The year began with entertaining orientation festivities: speed dating with Mackenzie & evening soccer. We competed tenaciously at the first interhouse competition of the year, Fun & Games, and had incredible success in other events as well; our preeminent being Eco-challenge, Airband, athletics & effort ratings.

Once classes began & we settled into our routines, the true characters of the boys appeared. Our junior hallway, accompanied by the shrills of Bob & a curious McCoy, certainly kept Mr Sullivan & Mr Wismer on high alert. The wide range of traits, from Erik’s adorable smile to Mathieu’s dry sense of humor & the regular tussles between Liam & Jacob, keep Ellis interesting. We will always remember the elegant laundry dances from Francis & Evan, Big Bros Nights, & TTTWDIEHTWDTA.

Our house parents & duty staff are perhaps the most important people in Ellis as they set the atmosphere with their kindness & ability to keep us all in line. We are graced with Mr Cowie’s iconic jokes, Mr Skardal’s entertaining conversations, Mr McCarthy’s intelligent company, Mr Luna’s calming voice, Mr D’Orazio’s connections, Mr Wismer’s wild Saturday nights, & Mr Sullivan’s love for us all.

Regretably, Ellis will be saying goodbye to Mr Sullivan as our Houseparent next year, a position he has embraced for the past 8 years. We will always remember his humorous & benevolent personality, as well as his loving mentorship. The service & impact that he has had on our students is immeasurable & will live on with the spirit of Ellis. Mr Wismer will be stepping up to take his place. After ____ years as the Ellis Assistant Houseparent, I think he’s ready for the challenge.

As June is quickly approaching, Ellis remembers a year of unforgettable memories & life-long friendships. Getting to know each of the boys & watching us grow together is something I will never forget. If I had the chance, I would do it all again.

Mark Wheaton, House Captain

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