Eddie The Eagle

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 -

As long ago as 1970, a bald eagle which lived in the bay would be frequently seen in the big fir tree at the south end of the campus or on another at the mouth of the Millstream. He seemed fascinated by the rowing crews and would fly from tree to tree down the coast as the crews rowed down towards Verdier Point. After a while, I learned to imitate his call and he would respond. We nicknamed him “Eddie the Eagle” and he became something of a mascot for the crews.

Every year at the Brentwood Regatta, Eddie would appear at his usual perch and view the proceedings regally from his treetop. The regatta would have seemed rather lacking without his presence.

Eddie was not always friendly, however. One day, when I was driving the coach boat alongside the Varsity Lightweight Eight, he swooped down and gathered up a hapless seagull from the surface of the water. Then he dropped it and I drove the coach boat up to the rescue. The spare oarsman in my launch picked up the gull and we all headed home.

Unfortunately, the gull died on the way back and the boy found an appropriate place on the beach to bury it. After the boats had been put away, I headed up the outside stairs from the boathouse to the plaza. As I got there, I looked up just in time to see Eddie heading straight at me from his tree with talons outstretched. I had time to duck, just!  Eddie was not happy with me for stealing his breakfast!

Eddie has been a part of the Rowing Club and of Brentwood College for over forty years. He is a magnificent supporter of our school. I encourage you to drop by and visit with him.
Mr. John (JLQ) Queen, Emeritus Faculty

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