Eco–tagging…a friendly way to make our mark - Grade 9 3D arts project

Friday, February 10, 2017 - By: Mr. David Hunwick

Inspired by international environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, each semester the Grade 9s embark on an environmental sculpture project as part of their 3D design experience. The aim of the project is not only to reinforce design principles and appreciation of aesthetics but also to raise student awareness of the preciousness and fragility of our local ecosphere and how to respect and be good stewards of our environment, whilst still enjoying all that nature provides.

The challenge then is to create eco-graffiti using only what nature has discarded and form and shape them into mandalas, motifs, 3D forms sympathetic to both the environment and the array of debris nature provides. The landscape becomes the canvas / pedestal and the ‘found’ elements become the media and pigments used to create.

In addition to this, we talk about making sustainable choices such as recycling, and lessening our footprint on the planet. With current denials of climate change being pouted, my hope is that we will raise future leaders who are environmentally conscious and will create beauty and not further destruction of our fragile habitats.

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