Saturday, September 07, 2019 -

For almost 20 years Mr Dan Norman has led Brentwood's Outdoor Pursuits Program which features canoeing, sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking, indoor and outdoor climbing, and four-season camping. Two decades of Brentwood students with a sense of adventure have circumnavigated Salt Spring Island, raced down the Cowichan River through boiling rapids, and scaled new heights.

On the first Friday of each September Mr Norman and his team of volunteers assemble all of these activities on the Brentwood waterfront for the opening interhouse event of the year, Eco-Challenge.

This relay race of single kayaks, double kayaks, paddleboards, swimming, running, portaging, canoeing, climbing, and fire building draws the school community to the waterfront to watch housemates do their utmost for interhouse glory.

This year's edition of Eco-Challenge was won by MackEllis closely followed by Alex/Whittall.

Will they feel quite as euphoric as their first Saturday morning classes begin tomorrow morning at 10:15?

Is that even a question? ;-)

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