Eco-Challenge 2018

Saturday, September 08, 2018 - By: Hannah C, Alex ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

The first few days at Brentwood, during Orientation, move very quickly. Not only are the new students thrown into a metaphorical ocean of Brentwood challenges, they are literally thrown into the Pacific Ocean during the Annual Eco-Challenge!

The vibrant colors of all 4-brother-sister combos are begin to flood into the waterfront with their house flags in hand. Finally, the Eco-Challenge is in full swing, with all eight houses screaming encouragement at their inexperienced newbees from the shore. 

Organized by Mr. Norman, with the help of many other faculty, Eco-Challenge is one of the biggest interhouse events of the year. The weather looked promising just after lunch but clouded over shortly before the events were to begin. The grit of all the students was so effortlessly shown both on and off the water in a variety of tasks. Every day student and boarder came down to the docks to support their peers while also possibly competing in the events. 

Hope-Privett started out with a strong lead in the sea kayak with Mack-Ellis close behind. All teams had to complete a wide lap around some buoys and race into the docks for the rest of their team to continue the race. As the event continued, all the canoes sat still on the shore waiting for their cue to push off. Each canoe consisted of one boy and girl from their brother and sister houses. 

The first two canoes to be pushed off the beach were Hope-Privett and Mack-Ellis. Hope-Privett held a tight lead in front of Mack-Ellis while Whittall-Alex and Rogers-Allard waited patiently for their cue to chase after them. The portage was an event of true teamwork. From Hope-Privett, Zoe M followed behind her canoe lifting the the tail end while carrying a weighted backpack of her own just to give their portage an edge. The other teams were soon to follow with this idea. 

The final results of the 2018 Eco-Challenge consisted of Mack-Ellis in first while Alex-Whittall pulled out a surprising second, Hope-Privett came in third and finally, Rogers-Allard in forth. It was a great day for the Eco-Challenge and all the boarding houses are looking forward to more interhouse events, the next one being Track and Field this afternoon at 2:00 on Gillespie Field!

Hannah C, Alex ‘19

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