Duke of Edinburgh - A Silver Duet

Thursday, December 03, 2015 -

On Friday, November 20th, Jacob N, Whittall ‘16 & Joe K Whittall ‘16 spent their evening on the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island on a campsite with their peers. The following morning, they hiked out to Mystic Beach and made their lunch on the beach before they got dressed in their #1 school uniform in preparation for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s ceremony at the Lieutenant Governor’s house in Victoria, BC. During the ceremony, both boys were recognized for their accomplishments and received their Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award certificates. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is self-directed and is designed to develop the whole person. The award challenges young people to step outside their comfort zone and grow through the four sections of the award: personal growth, discovery, perseverance, and responsibility. There are three levels to the award, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and students can begin the program from the age of 14 and have until their 25th birthday to complete their Gold standard. 

Brentwood students complete all but one section of the award as part of their regular Brentwood program. If students are interested in challenging themselves with an adventurous journey, acquiring extra graduation credits, or exploring the environment around them, then this award program might be for them. Students can self-register online at www.dukeofed.org , and speak to Mrs. Josie Olszewski or Mr. Dan Norman. 

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