Duelling and Tailing on the Water

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - By: Emma H, ‘18; Photo by Brian Carr

On Saturday afternoon 23 Brentwood students hopped on a bus and went to Shawnigan Lake School to help celebrate their 100th anniversary with a duel race. After a busy morning at Brentwood while hosting TEDx, it was an even busier day at the Reid boathouse at Shawnigan.

For the third annual Brentwood vs Shawnigan dual race, each school sent out a Women's Varsity 8+ as well as a Men's Varsity 8+, then two alumni 8s each and an SLS alumni 4. 

Brentwood won both the senior women's and men's races; we also won one of the alumni duels and came close to winning the second but Shawnigan just glided past in the last 50 meters. To wrap up a good day, all of the alumni went out with Mr. Carr and Mrs. Amiel to catch up while the Brentwood students went back to school to rest up for the next day of racing. 

After a successful Saturday at Shawnigan, a large handful of students went to Victoria to participate in the first head race of the year, The Tail of the Gorge hosted by The University of Victoria. Brentwood placed first in the Junior A Men's 4x-, 4x+ and 1x as well as first in the Junior A 4x+ and second in the Junior A Men's 8+ as well in the Junior A Woman's 8+. It was a very successful Sunday for all Brentwood rowers and coaches. 

With lots of practice to come and lots of improvements to make, Brentwood had a very memorable and successful weekend. With the team's next regatta a little under two weeks away, all the rowers are ready to train and ready to go. 

Emma H, ‘18

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