Dueling Over A Grand

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 - By: brian carr
JR.A Women’s Rowing at Brentwood. 2x of Deirdre H and Claire V. claiming the gold medals oceanfront.

This past weekend 29 rowers traveled to compete in the Dueling Over a Grand Regatta hosted by the Victoria City Rowing Club. The format of the regatta pits two crews side by side over 1000 meters. The winner moves on, the loser goes into the consolation bracket. Two losses and you’re done for the weekend. At the end of the rainbow, there were medals and plaques for the winners.

In the Jr. B Boys’ group, four quads hit the water. For some of the boys, this was their first experience rowing in a sprint race. This will be great preparation for the Brentwood Regatta coming up at the end of the month. The three novice quads all raced against stiff competition and were in tough in all of their races. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the first two rounds. The experienced Jr. B quad of Nicholas R, Ian S, Jonathan H and Blaine W won their first two races, lost the second, and then won their next three races to make it to the final on Sunday afternoon. Having raced three heats on the Sunday morning, the boys were in tough and lost to a very good crew from VCRC by a few lengths. They received their silver medals from the Co-Op dog mascot.

The Senior boys raced a quad (Dan H, Andrew C, Lance B, Cameron Y) and a single (Martin B) over the weekend. The quad cruised through the first two rounds. In the third round thunder and lightning took center stage and the boys had to beach their boat at the start line. After a thirty minute delay and then wet launching the shell, the crew went up against the top VCRC crew. The boys were able to eke out a victory by less than two feet. This put them into the semi final, with a chance to make it into the Grand final. On Sunday afternoon they won their semi against Deep Cove, setting up a rematch with their third round opponents from VCRC. It was a tremendous race with VCRC pushing the Brentwood crew down the course. Our lads won by a length!

Martin B raced against some stiff competition in the Jr. A 1x. Saturday saw him win his first two rounds and set him up to meet the top seed from the other side of the draw in the semi finals. Ten strokes into the race, Martin wrapped his oar around one of the bouys and nearly capsized. It took him over 30 seconds to get his oar back and make his way down the course. As a result, he had to race in the consolation final, winning this by less than a length. This time he was up against the sculler from VCRC whom he lost to earlier in the day. The final was a great duel with Martin challenging for the top spot throughout the first 600 meters. Martin fought valiantly, capturing the silver medal and a gift certificate from the regatta sponsors, Co-Op.

The Jr. A Women’s quad of Elizabeth A, Sadie C, Tamysn C, and Kelly R raced for experience and came up against two very good quads in the first two rounds. Anastasia K and Stephanie T, racing in the Jr. A 2x, lost their first race, won their second by a foot and then narrowly lost their third. Their coaches were very pleased with the progress with these two development crews over the course of the weekend.

The most exciting races of the weekend were most likely in the Jr. A Women’s 2x of Deirdre H and Claire V. Two solid victories in the first two rounds set the girls up for a race against the top two scullers from VCRC. In a race for the ages, Claire and Deirdre eked out a victory by less than a foot. This put them in the semi on Sunday. A victory in the semis put them up against their challengers from the day before. Another excellent race by our two girls pushed them over the line ahead of VCRC by less than two feet, claiming the gold medals and plaque from our familiar Co-Op mascot.This was a great tune-up for the Maple Bay and Brentwood regattas coming up on the 16th and 29th of this month. See you at the start line.


Mr. B Carr, Head of Rowing

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