Drop the BEAT

Friday, February 12, 2016 - By: Ella B, Mackenzie ‘17

Despite being tired from a night of dancing at Allard House’s pyjama party, a group of dedicated BEAT (Brentwood’s Environmental Action Team) students put on their rubber boots last Sunday morning and headed out to the Somenos Marsh, a wonderful wildlife area in Duncan. 

The marsh is home to many beautiful bird species and has even been recognized by BirdLife International as a ‘globally significant’ bird area! As a host to such incredible wildlife, Somenos Marsh also attracts many human visitors and bird lovers who tend to leave more of a trace than the birds do. 

The BEAT team spent their morning picking up garbage around the marsh, cleaning the boardwalks, and adjusting the walking paths to help make the marsh healthy and clean! 

Ella B, Mackenzie ‘17

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