Dress Up Days

Tuesday, February 09, 2021 - By: Esther S, Alex ‘22

From January 29 to February 6, the enthusiasm on campus was off the charts, and our school spirit was portrayed through our favourite meals, Interhouse events, and most importantly, dress-up days. Students had the opportunity to dress up as, among others, Tacky Tourists, Red & Black, Wacky Wear and House Hoodies. Dress-up days give every student something to look forward to and “are a fun way to show our creativity” Grace D shares.

We wear our uniforms almost every day, and while sometimes wearing your uniform is an excellent aspect of Brentwood, it can get repetitive. Showing yourself through your style and creativity says a lot about you as a person, which is why so many students enjoyed the dress-up days so much.

We started the week with “Why Do I Own That”. This meant students had to find the wackiest outfits in their wardrobes. When packing for Brentwood, I decided not to bring very wacky clothes, so I struggled. I remember the night before the first dress-up day. Our house was in so much chaos, girls running around from dorm to dorm asking if others possibly had something they could wear. Clothes were flying everywhere, and the dorms were a mess.

But we all somehow found a solution in the end, and it ended up being a fun process. We were all in it together. Students and Staff came up with some of the wackiest outfits. I was in awe of how creative our community is.

On the second day, students were to dress up in Red & Black attire; this seemed easier to come up with something for. We got to let out our Brentwood Spirit fully.

Next was Monochrome Day in which we dressed up in only one colour. For me, this one was my favourite up until now. All of Brentwood suddenly turned into a rainbow and a vast colour palette.

On Thursday, we got to let out our inner Tacky Tourists; it was once again amazing to see how everyone dressed up, even the teachers. Santiago said “Although it was cold, the outfits were so worth it,” and “It was so fun to see everyone all dressed up.”

The dress-up days were such a success. Thank you to the Spirit Week team for organizing all the fantastic events. They’re another reason why Brentwood students #choosetobe.

Esther S, Alex ‘22

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