Drawing & Painting Term Three

Saturday, September 02, 2017 - By: Martha HL, Allard ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

Drawing and Painting, for me, is a time to escape the stress of life and learning to enjoy the creativity of art. Third term was busy and fun at the same time. We started the term with an assignment where we worked with the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is the principle of proportion in art that reflects the balance of the composition of a piece. The students in the class produced some very interesting and stunningly beautiful pieces ranging from waves to seashells to snails. The project was exceptionally enjoyable while also challenging for both our learning of art and creativity. In the end, it really improved the students' painting skills. The works are currently on display in the arts building.

The next project we did was for the Regatta. The theme of the project was “Revolution”. In this project the students were encouraged to be creative and revolution could be interpreted in any way that we wished. The results were inspiring with the paintings ranging from interpretation of revolution in art, or a nation, or an idea. Some students even painted the literal definition of revolution. The assignment was not only fun, but it was enlightening to see the differences in the personalities of the students reflected in the art based on how they approached the assignment. The paintings are displayed all around the arts building - so keep an eye out for them!

Following the revolution project, we began concentrating on improving our drawing technique. This project was based on exploration of Greek and Roman sculptures. We started by drawing the shape and slowly added details. Then we started to add movement into the work by drawing Ms. Mannion as she moves into different poses. These drawings were done very quickly in order to force us to capture the basis of the object we were drawing and add the details later. This enabled us to add our own interpretation to each piece as it is not copying an image but rather adding our own impression to the piece we were creating.

As the year wrapped up, we continued working on our drawing skills. The class was exceptional and I was sorry when it came to a close in June. I look forward to taking more art classes as they not only are incredible in terms of learning, but really do provide a much-appreciated break from the Brentwood routine.

Martha HL, Allard ‘19

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