Doubling Up on ISA Titles

Monday, October 05, 2015 - By: Mr. Paul Collis, Coach

Brentwood now is in possession of both the Junior Girls and the Junior Boys ISA soccer titles.  Every goal was precious this weekend as the Junior Boys tournament came down to goal difference between SMUS and Brentwood.  SMUS finished +11 on ten points, but BCS were also unbeaten and a staggering +14. Our game results were

1-1 tie. v. SMUS

6-0 over GNS

4-0 over St. George's

4-0 over Shawnigan Lake (with four goals from Casper P, the Unfriendly Ghost).

Valentin E, our central defender, was voted the Tournament MVP by his thankful and awed coach.  

Mr. Paul Collis, Coach

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