Don’t be Blue, Term Two is Coming for You

Thursday, January 02, 2020 - By: Miranda NP, Alexandra ‘23

That’s a wrap on term one! While the first three months of school were very exciting, and we’re enjoying a three-week holiday, term two is approaching in full swing. Here are just a few moments to look forward to.

Just like term one, we’ll have plenty of our delicious themed dinners from all around the world. We’ll also have an entertaining Spirit Week organized by the SAC from January 23rd to February 1st and it will feature a number of fun interhouse events. Get ready because this is our chance to knock Mack/Ellis off of their perch! Interhouse competitions will include Brentwood “Chopped”, egg drop, giant jenga, robot racing, acapella and improv.

Open houses are sure to be a highlight of the second term as we’ve yet to experience the Ellis Casino, as well as Alex and Allard’s take on these nights. We also have both of our big ski trips, the school-wide Winterlude on Wednesday, January 29, and the Big White Trip over midterm break. The countdown for Winterlude begins as this activity is definitely a highlight of the year. Get excited for this snow-filled day of alpine, nordic, tubing, and avalanche training!

If you’re not tired of snow by the end of that day, The Big White Ski Trip is something you can look forward to. “Big White is a place where students form bonds for life” says organizer and chaperone Mr Lee. Big White is packed with skiing (of course) ice tower climbing, hot tubs and pools, good food, tubing, fireworks, and awesome company. February midterm is sure to be a memorable one!

Our sport programs are all in to have a thrilling term as well! Our hockey teams will host the annual Brentwood Ross Cup Tournament and Showcase Hockey. Our Senior Boys Basketball team will also have their Showcase game on January 28th. This year the boys will play the #5 ranked team in BC, Claremont. “We’re excited to play a competitive team, it should be a good contest” states Captain Juan NP, Whittall ‘20. The Senior Girls Basketball team will also have their Showcase game sometime in February against Shawnigan. So grab your red and black and come support!

The arts program is ready to wow us with this year’s musical, Spamalot, with leads Jack NG as King Arthur and Kenya B the Lady of the Lake. It’s sure to be an outstanding performance! Oh and we can’t forget about Brentwood’s take on a talent show, Java Hut. It will be awesome to see many students face their fears and share their talents with the rest of the school!

With a plethora of things going on around the school, second term is sure to be a blast!

Miranda NP, Alexandra ‘23

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