Diving Right In

Thursday, February 12, 2015 - By: Danielle DW, Mackenzie ’15

For a second term sport most students choose hockey, basketball, or squash, but 35 have recently chosen to test the waters in swimming at the Duncan pool. This year we have four students (Lane HL, Calder M, Jessica N & Jared B) who have certified to become NLS lifeguards. They endured 6 grueling hours every Saturday and Sunday preparing to be heroes inside and outside of the pool. 

Alongside the NLS, we have seven Bronze Medallion candidates who have been swimming hard to pass the test that will allow them to move to the second round of lifeguard training, NLS. 

Others prefer just to enjoy the workout of swimming lanes. Swimming is great for injuries because it is low impact but it’s also a great exercise that gets the heart pumping! Then, after an hour of working out, the students get to relish time in the hot tub or steam room. On Saturdays, they even get to speed race on the two fun water slides or surf out the waves in the tide pool. 

This sport is a great mixture of work hard, play hard and we will all be sad to see it end! Thanks to Mrs. Whitney, our staff sponsor.

Danielle DW, Mackenzie ’15

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