Development Soccer

Thursday, December 29, 2016 - By: Mr David Brown; Photo by Mr. Paul Fletcher

The 2016-2017 school year marked the first time in recent memory that Brentwood fielded three boys' soccer teams, with a Development squad joining the traditional Junior and Senior teams. Composed of athletes who remained undeterred after tryouts, the Development team started the season with the dual goal of improving while, of course, enjoying themselves. 

Less than a week after being formed, they set out to their first tournament with the nervous optimism of any new team. Their schedule consisted of three hour-long games in a single day. As expected, the first few games were messy, as the team found its style of play and Coach Brown worked out optimal positioning. Throughout the tournament, the boys had moments of panic and moments of skillful fluidity; unfortunately, all three games resulted in hard-fought losses. Exhausted, disappointed, and somewhat bruised, the team headed back to Brentwood to train. 

Over the next month, they worked on positioning and skills, and, during scrimmages, learning how to play with each other. Their work paid off during a second tournament a month later, hosted by Shawnigan. Playing as an exhibition team (both juniors and seniors played with the team) they came away with their first win of the season. There were a few more weeks of practice, but November 12th marked the final scrimmage of the season. 

Some players will be continuing to practice and train with the winter development program, but the competitive season is officially over, after an educational and enjoyable two months.  

Mr. David Brown

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