Development Field Hockey

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - By: Martha HL, Allard ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

In September, for many of us the first term at Brentwood, most of us didn’t have any experience in field hockey. We started off the year learning the fundamentals of the sport; stick handling, passing the ball, etc. Some of us picked up the sport quickly, others, not so much. Nevertheless, the girls were learning and growing. Our first game was at Shawnigan: we were all hopeful that somehow we had pieced together a team out of the little experienced we had. 

Alas, we had not. 

We lost that game scoring no goals and we were beaten badly by our opponents. We may have lost, but something special had come out of the experience: friendship. We didn’t mind that we had lost the game, we had something to laugh about and something to practice towards.  

We went home and we practiced: Couch Coull had us practice new game plans and we could feel ourselves coming together: then came our first tournament. We were all at different emotional states: some of us were hopeful, other not so much, while some of us were trying to get the team pumped up. But it did not work: we lost all of our games and went home in last place. 

Again, we didn’t mind that the scoreboard said zero; we all had fun laughing about how much improvement we needed. The times on and off the field were exciting. We were chasing bunnies or torturing Couch Coull with our sub-par singing. It was fun because we looked at our losses as wins. 

Field hockey was a great experience because of the friendships that were made there. Our last practice was the most fun I had ever had on the field. Couch Coull was still trying to teach us skills, but we were just trying to have fun. We spent that final afternoon with the friends we had made and fondly remembered the times that we had shared together. 

We may have not won a single game and only scored one goal (special shout out to sharpshooter Emma M, Hope ‘19 for that success) but we had a good time and we forged some friendships that we still have today and hopefully for the rest of our time at Brentwood. 

Martha HL, Allard ‘19

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