Deep Cove Regatta

Wednesday, November 06, 2019 - By: Justine C, Alex ‘22

On the last weekend in October Brentwood sent a group of junior girls to compete in then annual Deep Cove Regatta which featured novice, intermediate, and varsity rowers. The rowers compete on a 500m course. The group left Friday, competed all day Saturday, and returned back to the school later that night. The rowers stayed in the Holiday Inn in Vancouver with teachers from the school.

The day started with rowers Justine C and Georgia D racing in an intermediate double. The girls fought and pushed through their race. It was a difficult race with highly trained competition from other clubs such as the Deep Cove Rowing Club.

The next race involved Miranda NP and Lisa M. The girls competed in a novice double. After only rowing for a couple of months, the girls showed amazing potential and tried their hardest in their race. “It was a really fun race,” said Miranda after she finished.

Next was a novice single which one of our new novice senior girls rowed in. Kai B, after only being in a single a handful of times, pushed hard and came in 3rd out of six competitors. She did an amazing job and beat half of the competition.

Another race was a coxed quad of senior and junior novice girls. The crew consisted of Miranda, Grace B, Anika E, and Kai rowing with Justine as their cox. The girls worked their hardest and managed to beat some of their opponents. There was an incredible amount of energy and joy in the boat. The girls were happily surprised they stayed above water the entire race.

The last race for our crew was a novice junior girls double. The entries were Justine & Kai B in one of the boats and Grace & Ankia in another. The two boats showed amazing strength with Justine and Kai coming in first for the first junior girl’s win of the day.

The day was very successful. Even though we did not win many medals, the team had a very fun day and good first regatta. Everyone rowed really well and, impressively, nobody flipped.

Justine C, Alex ‘22

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