Decorum, Delegates! - VicMUN 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 -

A natural sense of decorum, superb debating skills and an innate ability to compromise: what kind of contradiction is this? For a number of Brentwood students who attended this year’s model United Nations conference at UVic, it was a winning formula. Of the four possible certificates for “Most Diplomatic Delegate”, Brentwood scooped three. Add to that the distinction of “Best Delegates” in the Security Council, and this weekend was a dizzying success… not that we’re competitive. Humbly and politely accepting their awards for diplomacy were Ian M (GA6), Alex K and Jonathan H (IAEA) and Russill G (NATO).  Shannon B and Calvin S together were adjudged to be the top delegates in the Security Council, thereby dominating the “bureaucratic circus” (Calvin S).  For every Brentwood Model United Nations student, the weekend was a tremendous learning experience in foreign policy, international law and United Nations etiquette.  Look out, Vancouver Model UN: here come the diplomats!

Mrs. Day Reynolds, Debate Coach

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