Debate, Model United Nations, & Public Speaking

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - By: Kimmi Gilson, Hope ‘15

They have been called many things: the Wolves of Brentwood, the Shamans of ShawMUN and the guys who apparently don't have enough time to change out of their uniform before Arts. Officially, though, they are the Debate, Model United Nations, and Public Speaking Club. This year, the prizewinning pack emerged from the Brentwood Bubble to make splashes in both provincial and national level competitions; it's truly been a halcyon hodgepodge of wit and grit. 

Our first IMUN Conference took place in November and was followed by many exciting MUN events, debate tournaments, public speaking competitions, and our first international trip, to NHSMUN in New York City over March Break.

Raucous in the caucus and classroom, the Grade 8s were welcomed into the programme, receiving the chance to participate in many of the club's events and forging strong skills that will benefit the fellowship in years to come. 

Fashionably adorned for every event, the classy members of the programme demonstrated that their level of attire could only be matched by their increasing erudition. Whether a student found their niche in the courtroom at mock trials, the debate floor during Inter-house, the podium during the Golden Gnome, or in the GA at the real United Nations Headquarters, 2014-2015 has been a riveting ride for all. For all of this we are eternally grateful to the expertise and effort of our coaches, Ms. Steele-MacInnes, Mr. Bryant & Ms. Hall.

Kimmi G, Hope ‘15

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