Deadly Crash, Lesson Learned

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - By: Jared B, Privett ‘16, Photo by Joe K, Whittall '16

The party was just like any other; things ran smoothly and attendees enjoyed a great night. When the party came to an end, Heather Charleton and her best friend, her cousin, and one of her acquaintances loaded into Heather’s brand new sports car to drive back home. 

Things quickly spiraled out of control as Heather, under the influence, drove excessively fast, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. 

The car rammed through a pole, skidded across the road, crashed into another pole, and then flipped six times before screeching to a halt on the pavement. Heather, her cousin, and her acquaintance survived with lasting injuries. Unfortunately, her best friend, Maria, did not survive the crash.

On Monday, April 14, the entire school gathered in the Bunch Theatre to hear Heather Charleton of RoadSense as she recounted her story from that tragic night of November 18, 1995. 

She described how drivers must be cautious and undistracted at all times, and that we must never assume that we are not at risk of an accident. She describe the lasting emotional and physical suffering that she, her family, Maria’s family, and their community has suffered over the past 19 years.

Everyone listened attentively as Heather passionately told us her story and how to stay safe. We are now all very informed about the risks of driving and how to drive safely, and will always be cautious while on the roads. 

Jared B, Privett ‘16

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