Day Student Life at Brentwood

Friday, November 22, 2019 -

Day students and boarding students are like two sides of the same Brentwood coin. Life as a day student can get complicated as we live in two worlds at the same time: boarding school and family. I would say that the boarders have it just a bit harder because they can’t just go home to their parents, but as day students, we have to wake up earlier than the boarders to get ready and pack for school.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything we need for the day - sports clothes, different shoes, or even theatre dress. So much goes on at Brentwood, even more so after academic classes, and we need to be prepared. The day students are not required to attend prep, but the boarders have to stay and that can be beneficial to the boarders because they have a set time to focus on studies.

The average routine of a day student really depends on the person. Many day students take one of the two (Duncan or Langford) day student buses to school, but some have parents to drive them. When you get to school, you drop off your stuff in your day student room, have a few minutes to chat with friends, and then walk to class. There really isn't anything different about classes for a day student except as Dylan G, Rogers ‘22 points out “If you forget an assignment or computer charger at home, you can't just quickly run back home and get it.” The boarders have everything they need right in their dorm.

When a day student finally finishes classes and eats lunch, they go back to their room and get ready for sport or arts. Good luck because hopefully you didn't forget an important piece of clothing in that bag that you packed while half asleep in the morning. Sometimes we forget our rugby socks and have to wear dress socks. Organization is key, and I’m not sure we’ve accomplished that yet, but it’s something to work on.

After sport or art, you might have some leisure time and head Uptown with friends or stay on campus and have dinner. Prep is optional for day students, but we’ve found the more often we stay on campus, the more likely we are to stay on top of the academic workload. Also, the longer you stay, especially evenings and weekends, the more you feel like a part of the community that is Brentwood. If you go home as much as you can, you miss out on intramural events, or special sports events, like last weekend’s Senior Girls AA Island Volleyball Finals, where much of the school attended and cheered them on to a silver medal.   

For my brothers and I, being day students at Brentwood is like the best of both worlds. Being able to come home, surrounded by familiarity, family and pets is pretty awesome after a long day at school. It’s definitely a perk to cuddle our pets after a stressful day, but luckily there are lots of faculty family animals on campus for the boarders.    
“Of course, the best part of being a day student at Brentwood is going home and sleeping in your own bed!” says Damian H, Rogers ‘22.

Tanner & Corbin H, Rogers ‘22,

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