Day One and Brentwood is at the top of the Standings

Saturday, April 25, 2009 - By: Brian Carr

Weather was a major factor in the racing on the first day of the Brentwood Regatta. There was a five-hour wind delay due to bad weather — a first in the Regatta's history! There have been years where we have had three-hour delays but never a five-hour delay.  At the end of Friday, we were able to get 14 races completed, finishing off in the dark. After the final race, Brentwood was in first place in the Club competition in all three categories. Boys, girls and overall, Brentwood led the standings with 35 points in the boys competition, 30 points in the girls competition and a total of 65 points in the overall club competition. Saturday racing starts at 7:00 am and goes until 8:10 pm. 

For all results and news concerning the regatta, please see Brentwood Regatta 2009.

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