Cyber Safety for Students

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 -
Brentwood’s new students attended a presentation on the dangers of cyber bullying

On Friday September 28th Brentwood’s new students attended a presentation on the dangers of cyber bullying. Sergeant Darren Laur of the Victoria Police Department led the presentation with lots of important information about the dangers of cyberspace. He left us with a wealth of information that can be applied to their everyday lives on the internet.

Sergeant Laur told us about the major dangers of the internet. He gave students facts about the online world. 96% of teenagers are using social networking sites, particularly Facebook and although networking sites can be useful, they come with a high potential risk.

Many students were fooled when Laur announced the fake persona he uses on Facebook, that of a fifteen year old girl. He added that ten of us had accepted his Facebook friend request and one of us had actually text messaged him. Sergeant Laur gave students some tips for safety such as taping over your webcam when it’s not in use (they can be remotely hijacked) and making sure no personal information is on your page such as your phone number or address.

Laur reached out to all of Brentwood’s new students by giving them his professional page to access. He is willing to answer any questions and will check to make sure students’ pages have the appropriate safety and privacy settings if they so wish. It was a great and informative way to begin a safe cyber year here at Brentwood.

Brynn A

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