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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 -

From Charity Work Day, to the Brentwood Regatta, our students and staff are awesome!

As you may be aware, the school ran Charity Work day, sending 470 students into the local community to raise funds for local, needy charitable organizations. The criteria for those receiving donations follows three simple concepts:

1. The organizations themselves have very low management overhead and are run almost entirely by volunteers.
2. There must be a human need served by each charity, with an emphasis on children and families in need.
3. Local charities help our immediate community, and so all of the funds raised go to charities in the Cowichan Valley. The only exception is, each year, a portion of the funds raised by Charity Work Day will assist an international service trip in which out students participate.

I have the true pleasure and privilege of reading the feedback cards from the people who hire our students, and these were posted in Crooks Hall for the students to read. Needless to say, the day was a tremendous success and plans for next year are already getting put into place.

The school also hosted the annual Brentwood Regatta this past weekend. With an estimated 1500 athletes and upwards of 6000 people on our campus from Thursday evening through to noon Sunday, the undertaking is on a large scale to say the least. The catering team produced upwards of 3000 meals each day, every student and staff had a dedicated role to play to make sure the overall event ran seamlessly, our facilities team literally transform the entire campus to accommodate our guests, and every teacher was a group leader in a wide variety of support roles over the weekend.

The qualities of hard work, humility and kindness continue to shine through. Well done Brentwood!
Mr Marius Felix, Assistant Head

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