CSSRA Raceday #2

Saturday, June 01, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21; Photo by Brian Carr

Raceday number two was kicked off once again by the Jr Boys 4+, up before the crack of dawn to row their first race at 8:21am ET. The boys had a good race, finishing third in their Semi and advancing to the finals with the 6th fastest time. They prepare for their last row together of the 2018-19 season at 8:10 tomorrow morning. The Jr Boys 8+ had a terrific race, winning their semi with the second fastest time of the event.

The Junior Girls had a successful day, qualifying their 4x to the finals tomorrow, and missing out on the finals by less than two seconds in the 8+. The girls, while disappointed with the outcome, were very happy with their performance. “It was some of our best rowing all year” said Solveig C, Allard ‘21. “It’s too bad we couldn’t make it through to finals.”

Allulah-Beth C and Zoe M got the job done for the Senior Women today, with AB moving on to the finals ranked first in her single. Zoe joined her in the 2x and they also pushed on through to the finals tomorrow, with the 4th fastest time. The girls were satisfied with their rowing today and look forward to carrying it on over their last day of highschool rowing tomorrow afternoon. 

The Senior Men had a classic BCS performance today, making the finals in 4th place in the 2x, 4th in the 2-, 3rd in the 4+, and 1st in the 4x. All six of the senior men (Jesse, Axel, Ethan, Max, Karl & Thomas) & their coxie, Anne, had a fantastic day of rowing, and they are all preparing for their four finals tomorrow.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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