Crykfest 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - By: Quincy E, Privett '20

Around a hundred students from various schools congregated on the Cowichan River on a rainy weekend in April. There, the students camped in tents, and cooked their own food. That entire weekend students pushed their comfort levels on and off the river.

Henry S, Privett ‘20, says, “It was a great experience and I learned a lot about kayaking.” On Friday night the students travelled to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre to practice. Many students were able to roll their kayaks by the end of the session at the pool.

On Saturday, the students had their first experience on whitewater rapids. Henry  said, “It was my first experience on whitewater. I was nervous at first but by the end was feeling confident in my boat.”

The real challenge came the next day when everyone paddled a much more difficult section of the river. It included some class two rapids. Some students even flipped their boats. It was vital that we had learned how to safely exit our boats in case we flipped. 

After we finished kayaking, we had to pack up our tents and hit the road. In the end, the rain really wasn’t a bother and all the students gained knowledge and experiences about kayaking. Thanks to Mr Norman and Ms Bell for all of their efforts on our behalf.

Quincy E, Privett ‘20; Photo by Dan Norman

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