Cruising Down Pow City - Big White 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018 - By: Thomas B, Ellis ‘18; Photo by Mr Brent Lee

Midterm break is a great time for Brentwood students after a five week start to the winter term. For some it’s hard to get home as it takes hours on a plane across an ocean, but thankfully there was a trip on offer. February midterm has now come and gone which means another Brentwood ski trip in the Okanagan Valley of BC. For the second straight year, Brentwood has taken 39 students from all across the world to Big White Ski resort. Students from Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany and more travelled to Kelowna, British Columbia to cruise down the slopes of Big White. 

The students had a chance to ski, snowboard or both. Skill levels varied from beginners who spent their time on the bunny slopes with the help of instructors in Happy Valley like RFA Mr D’Orazio, to expert skiers like Fynn F, Rogers ‘19 who spent most of his time on the double black diamond runs like The Cliff.  

Over the course of the weekend, students also had the opportunity to partake in other events such as ice skating on Canada’s highest outdoor rink, tubing down the slopes of the Big White Tube Park, or climbing up a 60 foot ice climbing wall. Most students managed to climb the wall and a special few did it without wearing shirts including Finn B, Whittal ‘18, Alex B, Ellis ‘19, Travis R, Whittal ‘18, Allulah-Beth C, Alexandria ’19 & Stephanie M, Mackenzie ‘20. Night skiing was also available for students.  

No injuries on the mountain, along with sunny weather and awesome snow, meant that the trip was a success. Students bonded together and new friendships were made. This could not have happened without the work of the chaperones D’Orazio, Ms Bell, Ms Phillips, Dr & Ms Decker, Ms Ashby and the organizer, Mr Lee. Normally I would say I can’t wait for the next one, but after three February Midterm ski trips to the Okanagan this was my last as I am graduating. I know these trips will go on as they are always a highlight in the school year.

Thomas B, Ellis ‘18  

Here are a few videos made by Mr Lee

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