Cross Training & Varsity

Monday, December 18, 2017 - By: Sydney R, Allard ‘18

Being a part of one or both of these programs, that push you to your limits and challenge your mind and body, can be really beneficial for a full-time student. Not only do these programs and their instructors push you to be the best you can be, but they give you the motivation to go to the gym every day if you can’t find that motivation on your own.

The trained instructors of these programs, with a wide range of expertise, pay individual attention to all of the participants, providing inspiration, motivation, and a comfortable environment for you to exercise safely, and to have fun at the same time! 

Completing pre-determined exercises in both programs, based on your skill level and efficiency, with the ability to make modifications to work around injuries or even if you just don’t feel comfortable with certain activities, there are always other options provided by the approachable and patient staff members who are willing to work with you to complete the exercises properly and safely.

Varsity Training is different for most students in the program. Each workout varies depending on the sport that the student is training for such as basketball, rowing, volleyball, rugby, etc. Depending on who is in the block with you, varsity training offers some independence, but the option to work as partners or a team to complete the tasks is always available if you are in the same block as your teammates. The coaches are also able to answer any health-related question you may have relating to exercise and diet. Varsity provides that extra push on an arts afternoon to help improve the student’s performance in their particular varsity sports. 

Cross training is a combination of crossfit and circuit training. This includes various strength, flexibility and endurance exercises changing each day and never having you do the same workout twice, making it fresh and exciting. The large group splits off into partners or trios working together to complete the multi-level exercises. It usually including a full-body workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Saturdays are reserved for fun, unique, out-of-school activities such as hiking the nearby mountains, yoga, scavenger hunts, swing dancing, and more. Cross training is welcome to all, but is meant for the determined athletes. This high-intensity exercise program is not for quitters, and requires you to work your hardest and push your body as far as it will go; the results will surprise you.

These programs are a fun environment where everyone is welcome, no matter if you like to work out once, or seven times a week. The friendly staff and fellow students make the varsity gym the place to be for some of the more dedicated trainees, and even for the ones who are just there to get their daily exercise. Each program is a team, a family; each group works together to complete the daily goals of a hard-working varsity/cross training member.

Sydney R, Allard ‘18

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