Cross Country

Sunday, December 24, 2017 - By: Sydney C, Alex ‘18 ; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The 2017 Cross Country season has come to a close. It has been an incredible few month for the team filled with unbelievable achievements, grit and joy. The highlights of this year’s Cross Country season consisted of both the speed squad’s success and the rest of the team. For the speed squad, the Heisterman siblings have had outstanding success this season: Madison qualified for both the provincials and nationals in November ending her high school career coming 22nd at nationals. Keaton qualified for provincials and ended his Grade 10 season in second place in BC. Ori BC, Carter K and Hugh R all qualified as individuals for provincials. As well as, The Senior and Junior boys teams also qualified for provincials. 

As for grit, each one of our athletes showed unbelievable improvement. From being drenched by the rain, to becoming covered in brown, slimy mud our and by being tangled in roots along the trails, our team has gone through it all showing determination each practice. On the first Saturday of the year, each athlete performed a time trial which they then beat at the end of each term. All of our runners showed improvement on their speed, their strategy, and their technique. For instance, this past season Kieran N has exhibited grit by continuing to push himself to his limits each race and practice.  

This year, for the first time in the program, we have been able to award our athletes for their growth. This is because Co-Captain Sydney C invented the runner of-the-month program, to recognize for the athletes for their improvements. For example, Megan Adams demonstrated remarkable improvement when she cut roughly a minute from her time trial time when we did it again at the end of first term. 

For joy this year the team went on weekly destination runs such as Mount Tzouhalem and Thetis Lake. It has been an incredible year for the Cross Country team. The team will be sad to bid farewell to of our seniors especially our Co-Captains Sydney C & Jamal Hfor their tremendous efforts and passion for the program. As well as, to the amazing coaches that drive this program to what it has become today, Mrs Day Reynolds, Mr Skardal and Mr Heisterman. The team would not be where they are today if it weren’t for the coaches. 

To many more kilometers on the trail. 

Sydney C, Alex  ‘18 

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