Cross Country Running

Monday, December 19, 2016 -

When we returned from our summer break, the cross-country team took to the trails. Under the guidance of coaches Rose, Day-Reynolds & Skardal, we began our tri-weekly runs. Co-Captains Olivia “OP” & Jamal H led the runners through new trails, each one varying between 5-10 kilometres. Whether scaling the heights of Rat Lake or sprinting along the rushing waters of Nature Trail, our runners mastered terrain and covered distances which we never thought possible. 

Joining us for our competitive season to give us insight into the world of high level racing was Coach Tyler (Level III NCCP). He brought a whole new dynamic to Brentwood XC, with kilometer repeats, Fartleks, and interval training. Under his guidance, runners of all abilities improved their technique and fitness. 

We kicked off our races around the trails of the Glenora Trailhead Mid-Island Cross Country Challenge. Not only was this race physically challenging, the roots, corners, and sudden shifts in elevation made it technically challenging as well. Keaton & Madison H earned great results, 2nd in the junior boys & senior girls. Our second race found us running the trails of Beaver Lake at the Island Championship. As we lined up on the start, we found ourselves listening to coach Tyler’s advice of “running through the puddles” as it was more efficient for the given conditions. Despite the poor weather and slippery conditions, we all crossed the finish line with smiles on our faces. Our senior girls quartet qualified for provincials and Madison qualified for, and competed at, the Canadian XC Nationals in Kingston, On. Unfortunately, Madison fell over another runner during the buzz of the first sprint and was spiked, but she was able to finish the race in true cross country spirit, coming 35 of 250 after starting dead last. 

The 2016 season was one filled with great accomplishments. As second term begins, our runners are now as fast and fit as ever thanks to the help of the brilliant coaching staff who made the season such a success.

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