Crazy For Your Theatre Etiquette

Sunday, March 04, 2018 - By: Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

In anticipation of this week’s run of Crazy For You, Mrs. Edna Widenmaier Director of the Musical and Director of Arts passionately addressed the school at assembly on Thursday about the finer points of Theatre Etiquette. Below is her text:

I know the word sounds old-fashioned and perhaps even stodgy, but in the real world it is the standard of behaviour you can expect to follow when attending a live theatre performance in a public venue.

It is a different experience from attending a movie or rock concert - as different as watching a tennis match is to a watching a hockey game. In an age of casualness, theatre etiquette is a set of manners that not all of you may be familiar with, and they have been established to ensure that all patrons at a performance have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Theatre etiquette is kind to other patrons-  we are all here in this wonderful Killy Theatre to have a shared artistic experience.

It shows respect for the performers.

It is an acknowledgement that attending a live performance is a gift - something special is happening.

It minimizes distractions, so that everyone in the audience can enjoy what is happening on stage.

Maybe I am a fuddy duddy, but a theatre performance should be a no phone/tablet/kindle zone. Please leave your cell phones in your residence.

We want you to be totally present and engaged. Performers feed off the vibe in an audience. They can feel the emotions of a crowd. It inspires or not. 

The  performers and crew are your roommates, your house pals, and your campus friends who have been woking endless hours. This is their moment. Please support them in a positive way.

Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

Below is a Brentwood Theatre Etiquette video.

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