Crazy For You

Friday, November 17, 2017 - By: Mrs Edna Widenmaier; Photo by Luis M,Pirvett '18

The cast of this year’s musical, Crazy For You, has recently been decided. The following young actors are now in full rehearsal for March’s performances:

Luke A: Everett B: Polly’s father; Finn B: Lank; Chloe O & Fabiana G: Irene and Follies 1; Sabrina H & Caitlin M: Mother; Will H: Eugene Fodor; Caden K: Bobby; Emma M: Tess; Hannah R: Patricia and Assistant to the Director; Julia S: Patsy; Solaia S: Perkins/a Board Director and Production Assistant; Darcy S: Bela Zangler; Hannah S: Polly; The Cowboy Quartet: Hugh R: Mingo; Ryan C: Moose; Felix W: Mingo & Oliver W: Sam; The Cowboys Chorus: Treasure A, Ori BC, Alexander C, Nicholas M, Logan P, Grady R, Mason S, Dylan D & Daniel W.

Mrs Edna Widenmaier, Director

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