Crazy for Theatre Production

Monday, February 19, 2018 - By: Hala M, Hope ‘19

This year’s musical, Crazy For You, is being played for the second time in the Killy Theatre. As the cast of the show is busy practicing every day for the big show, behind the scenes, Mr Armitage’s backstage and lighting crew are also working long hours in preparation for the big show.

Students from Theatre Production have volunteered for various positions in the musical, such as lighting, sound, moving the set, props, and many other big and small jobs that contribute to making a  perfect production. The cast and crew have been working very hard in order to make the production amazing and enjoyable for the entire community.

Megan M, Mackenzie ‘19, who is working backstage for the musical, moving sets, said “I’m going to miss the environment of all the cast and crew that made this experience so special, especially Mr Armitage.” 

As rehearsals continue, it’s easy to notice that progress is being made each and every day. Everyone is working hard and enjoying the process. A big thank you to Mr Armitage for being a great mentor and making the whole experience incredible.

Hala M, Hope ‘19

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